Why has Gehwol foot cream become so popular in recent times?

Foot care is often neglected by everyone. Whether our feet are cold or cracked, we leave them unattended in hopes they will recover naturally. However, like other skin care, moisturizing, protecting and nourishing your feet is also important.


The Gehwol foot cream is designed to increase blood flow in your feet while having a cooling and relaxing effect. After a tiresome day, you should definitely give it a try, because improved blood circulation in the feet helps alleviate fatigue and leads to better sleep. This is a complete Gehwol foot cream review for you.


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Gehwol foot cream for cracked skin

If your heels are cracked and inflamed you should use the Gehwol foot cream for cracked skin. It repairs and moisturizes dry skin. It protects your skin from causing itching, bleeding, flakiness and irritation.


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Gehwol foot cream for cold feet

The Gehwol foot cream also has properties of deodorant to prevent dampness in the feet, and foot conditions caused by this excess moisture, like Athlete’s foot. It also helps treat cold feet by triggering blood circulation in your lower legs and feet.


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Buy Gehwol foot cream UK online

Gehwol offers a range of foot care products and all of them are available at the Pearl Chemist Group. We are a chain of 18+ pharmacies across South London and a trained team of medics and pharmacists.


You can either order these products online or visit our nearest pharmacy, quality and affordability is always our priority. You can also consult our specialists regarding any foot conditions or get diagnosed for possible allergies from Gehwol foot cream ingredients before usage.


The complete range of Gehwol foot products available at Pearl Chemist includes:


  • Gehwol warming balm
  • Gehwol softening balm
  • Gehwol anti-perspirant cream
  • Gehwol nail softener
  • Gehwol foot bath
  • Gehwol foot cream extra
  • Gehwol foot cream blue
  • Gehwol salve for cracked skin
  • Other gels, balms and powders


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Happy foot care to you and your family!