What are the types of Blood tests available at Pearl Chemist Pharmacy?

If you are searching for 'Phlebotomy services near me' or ' Private blood testing near me,' you've found the right place!


Pearl Chemist is a group of leading healthcare service providers across South London. All Pearl Chemist Group Pharmacies are registered at the general pharmaceutical council and can be found at 18+ locations.


We have a team of professional Phlebotomists. They are trained medical personnel who can perform venipuncture (draw blood) and collect and process blood specimens from you, at the convenience of your home, for clinical testing or other possible reasons.


Our experienced doctors will also provide you with a comprehensive written interpretation of your test results.


Make an appointment for your private blood testing the online UK now, and our nearest team will be there in a matter of minutes.


Phlebotomy services the online UK - The types of blood tests we procure and the profiles we provide

As a full-service pharmacy and team of medics, we carry out mobile phlebotomy services at several locations around the UK. You can book an appointment for a diverse range of tests and blood profiles. We provide:


  1. Anaemia blood profile
  2. Cholesterol blood profile
  3. Full blood count profile
  4. Full iron status blood profile
  5. Full thyroid blood profile
  6. General health blood profile
  7. Heart health profile
  8. Diabetes blood profile
  9. Kidney function blood profile
  10. Liver function blood profile
  11. Sexual health blood/urine profile
  12. Sports fitness blood profile
  13. Fatigue blood profile
  14. Vitamin and mineral blood profile
  15. Well man/ Well-woman blood profile


How to book a blood test online?

You can book our private service for a blood test online. The sample will be sent to an approved laboratory. We will send you an email with a full set of results, along with our specialists' written interpretation of what they mean, in a minimum time frame of 3 days.


You can provide us with the blood sample in two ways:


  • Our phlebotomist can take a blood sample from a vein or finger prick and send it to the laboratory for you


  • You can order a finger-prick self-testing kit. The Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked postal service will send this to you.


You can order your Phlebotomy services the online UK at Pearl Chemist Group or Call us for more information.