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Sexual Health

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Pearl Chemist group offers private and confidential testing, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). If you are looking for sexual health services in Wands worth, then you can visit one of our clinics from Pearl Chemist group. Our flagship store is located in Mitcham.

Your health is important to us and that is why we work six days a week. We also accommodate requests for appointments on urgent basis.

How we work at Pearl Chemist Group?

We provide confidential, non-judgmental sexual health service accessible to the people of Wands worth irrespective of their sex, age, ethnic origin and sexual orientation.

Our aim is to provide practical advice for every person in order to improve their sexual health. Our clinics consist of a team of doctors, nurses and health advisers, offering the following services:

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs) in-clinic
  • HIV testing via 'Test at Home' feature, (Finger prick test available)
  • eC-Card Scheme (free condoms for young people)
  • Chlamydia screening
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Various forms of contraception
  • Emergency contraception/morning after pill.
  • Sexual health advice in general along with counselling and support

Why choose Pearl Chemist Group for sexual health services in Wands worth?

Our sexual health screenings are comprehensive and discreet. Services like private STI and STD testing can be arranged at any one of our private clinics in London and we can provide same day results for many of our tests, and treatments. You can also get medicines immediately dispensed from our pharmacy to save time.

After the testing, results can be explained in full by a doctor via phone, email or text.