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Repeat Dispensing

Pearl Chemist Group

Provides a comprehensive NHS repeat dispensing service. Each local PCG Pharmacy offers a FREE prescription collection (where applicable) and delivery service to their local community. Please contact your nearest PCG Pharmacy to find out if they deliver near you.

What is Repeat Dispensing?

It is an alternative way of getting your regular medicines without asking your GP surgery for a prescription each time.

Benefits of Repeat Dispensing

Saving Time
There is no need to attend or contact your GP surgery to request your medication; you just need to attend or contact your chosen pharmacy.

Improved Safety
Repeat dispensing involves regular medication usage checks to ensure you understand how to take your regular medication. Do I have to use the same pharmacy? Yes - you need to return to your chosen pharmacy to get each issue of your Repeat Dispensing prescription.

How does Repeat Dispensing work?

  • Your GP surgery will issue a Repeat Dispensing prescription. This will authorise your pharmacy to dispense prescriptions for between three and twelve months, in total.
  • Take your Repeat Dispensing prescriptions to your chosen pharmacy. It is recommended that you let your pharmacy look after all your Repeat Dispensing forms. The pharmacy will inform your surgery that you will get your medication from them.
  • Your chosen pharmacy will supply your first batch of medicines. They will discuss arrangements for future collections with you –including what to do if your next issue falls on a Bank Holiday, or you are away on holiday.
  • Return to your chosen pharmacy, to collect your next prescription. You will be reminded when you need to contact your GP surgery for review.

Will anyone keep a check on my medicines?

  • Yes, each time your repeat medicines are dispensed your pharmacist will check that they are still helping you. Let them know if you have any problems or worries.
  • Your pharmacist will ask which medication you need. Only ask for medication you need until your next collection.
  • It may be necessary to go back to the old way of getting your prescriptions if there are many changes (e.g. after a hospital check-up)

How to protect yourself and other

Book an appointment with one of our vaccine specialists.

What do I do when my Repeat Dispensing forms run out?

You should return to your GP surgery for a further issue. When you are due for the last issue of a batch please check with the surgery to see if you need any tests or a medication review.

Do I need to sign anything?

You will be asked to give your consent to allow your pharmacy and surgery to exchange information about your treatment. All information you give is confidential. Your verbal consent will be recorded on your notes at your GP surgery. Don’t forget that you, or your representative, must sign the back of your Repeat Dispensing prescriptions. If you don’t pay for your prescriptions for any reason other than age, then your pharmacy will need to see proof of exemption. If you pay for prescriptions, you will need to pay when you collect from your pharmacy.

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