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Health Checkup

  1. What are the types of Blood tests available at Pearl Chemist Pharmacy?

    What are the types of Blood tests available at Pearl Chemist Pharmacy?

    If you are searching for 'Phlebotomy services near me' or ' Private blood testing near me,' you've found the right place!


    Pearl Chemist is a group of leading healthcare service providers across South London. All Pearl Chemist Group Pharmacies are registered at the general pharmaceutical council and can be found at 18+ locations.

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  2. The most affordable & effective treatment for malaria prevention

    The most affordable & effective treatment for malaria prevention

    Antimalarial vaccine UK - malaria tablets online

    Can you get malaria tablets on NHS? The simple answer is no. Instead you can buy antimalarial vaccine UK online from Pearl Chemist Pharmacy.


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  3. Importance of HPV Vaccine among teenagers

    Importance of HPV Vaccine among teenagers

    The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus. Most cervical cancers and other serious conditions like gential warts can occur due to this virus. It can be transferred through direct skin contact with an infected person and during sexual activity.

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  4. FAQS – Preventative Health Check-up

    FAQS – Preventative Health Check-up

    Preventative Health Check-ups have many benefits including supporting good health and spot problems early on before they become significant. If you are interested in a health check in Morden then contact Pearl Chemist Group to find out about our checkups and consultations.

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  5. All your Health Check-up Services in One Clinic

    All your Health Check-up Services in One Clinic

    Prevention is better than cure – never was a truer word spoken.  Working with the NHS health check at 40 initiative, you can have a health check and appropriate screenings in Morden if you satisfy certain criteria.

    What are the benefits of an NHS full health check?
    An NHS check-up can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle.  It is your opportunity to discuss your weight, diet and exercise levels in the context of building a healthy and sustainable regime.

    At Pearl Chemist Group, we follow the guidelines set out by the NHS at our private clinic.  Our health check-ups will look at key indicators such as blood pressure, weight, BMI – Body Mass Index - cholesterol levels and diabetes amongst other key indicators of good health.  Blood tests and diagnostic screening are available.  This is also your opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes and the services that may be able to support you – an appropriate exercise regime,

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  6. 5 Silly Excuses People Give to Skip a Health Check Up

    5 Silly Excuses People Give to Skip a Health Check Up

    You don’t need to feel unwell to go to the doctor.  Regular health check ups are a very important part of staying on top of your health and keeping in tip-top medical health.  Being proactive in your healthcare allows you to prevent some illnesses and to have a better quality of life because your health will naturally be better by keeping up with regular health checks.  Health checks through the NHS only begin at age 40.  However, it is important to have a health check no matter your age.  Health checks should start when you are

    Pearl Chemist Group offers health checks in Mordon to facilitate your best quality of life.

    It’s easy to take our health for granted.  The old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” might come to mind.  But the truth is, our bodies are more like a car in that it needs maintenance and regular check ups to make sure nothing is going wr

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  7. 5 Must Have Check Ups for Every Man

    5 Must Have Check Ups for Every Man

    Are you the type of guy that only goes to the GP when something actually feels wrong?  This is probably not the best way to go.  Taking a more preventative approach to your health and participating in more health screenings will help you catch health conditions before they get out of hand.  Preventative screenings are much better than treating something that has gotten so bad you feel symptoms of an illness.  By getting health screenings, you’ll contribute to a longer healthier life with more vitality  At Pearl Chemist Group in Morden, we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure.

    Men, stop at our private clinic where we offer numerous health checks for you.  Here are what we consider the top 5 health check ups for men.

    Cholesterol screenings for heart issues - Cholesterol can be a silent killer.  With just a simple blood test, we c

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  8. A Complete Guide to Health Check-Ups

    A Complete Guide to Health Check-Ups

    When you hit the big 4-0, it’s a good time to take stock of your physical health and schedule a health MOT. By the age of 40, even if you’ve taken great care of yourself, your body might be showing a bit of wear and tear. It might be even more noticeable if you haven’t focused on health and fitness in your younger years. You might find the scales creeping up, experience a bit of huffing whilst going up the stairs or have just noticed a few new niggles. Pearl Chemist Group offers a convenient, compassionate health check in Morden.

    What is the reason for a health check?
    Even if you’ve been great about health and fitness, everyone is susceptible to certain genetic dispositions such as heart disease or cancer. Regular health checks are the best way to make sure health issues are caught and treated at the earliest point. For example, high blood pressure. If you get regular health checks, and your blood pressure is high enough

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  9. Which health checks should elderly people be having?

    Which health checks should elderly people be having?

    With elderly people particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus, it makes extra special sense to take good care of their health and this can include preventative health checks and screening.  Pearl Chemist Group offers screening tests for the elderly as part of a comprehensive health check-up service so if you are looking for a health check-up in Morden, then we can help.

    Health checks for seniors have never been more important as Coronavirus has kept many elderly people away from their routine medical appointments.  Whilst all the focus is on Covid-19, something else could pass under the radar.  Elderly people are more vulnerable to many illnesses and diseases and not just Coronavirus because of their advancing years.  With all the focus on Covid-19, it is easy to overlook other health conditions which could prove just as serious.  So, what type of checks and tests are

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  10. 5 Reasons why a regular Health Check-up is important

    5 Reasons why a regular Health Check-up is important

    Regular health check ups are a great way to discuss any niggling health concerns and head off health issues before they become serious.  Rather than wait for problems to manifest themselves, a health check up will give you the time to discuss your worries and any lifestyle concerns with a doctor in a no-rush environment which is not always possible in a busy GP’s surgery.  Pearl Chemist Group offer informative and thorough health checks in Morden for complete reassurance and peace of mind.

    What are the benefits of regular check ups?

    • Regular health check ups can identify health risks early on before they have had time to cause a problem. Both chronic and acute conditions can benefit from early diagnosis and the big one that everybody focuses on is cancer as early detection can considerably enhance a positive outcome
    • Discuss positive lifestyle c
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