Medicines Review

Hormonal Contraception

All medicines are dispensed in child resistant containers unless you request us not to. Please remember: keep all medicines out of reach and sight of children. Our pharmacist can advise you on safe storage of medicines.

Unwanted Medicines
Please return all unwanted medicines to the pharmacy where we will dispose of them safely.

Medicines Use Reviews
You can make an appointment with our pharmacist to discuss how you are getting on with your regular medicines. It will allow you to learn more about your medicines and to give you an opportunity to ask our pharmacist any questions you may have about what you are taking. The reviews are designed to help you overcome any problems or doubts you may have with your prescription, no matter how minor these may appear. Please ask to speak to the pharmacist if you require this service

New Medicine Service
The New Medicine Service is offered through the pharmacy to help you understand your condition and get the most out of your new medicine. If you have been prescribed a new medicine for a long term condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma our pharmacist will want to have a review with you during the first month of treatment. This review is to ensure you are taking the new medicine correctly and to help if you are experiencing any problems.