Health Checks

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Prevention of major conditions in patients is key to improving the overall health and wellbeing of the population and in order to do this its important to have regular checks on your blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Our team of pharmacists and technicians have been trained to provide a free health check service from some of our branches. The service consists of a blood pressure, cholesterol plus a body mass index measurement followed by advice on the changes in lifestyle required to improve the persons health. This service is funded by the NHS and is available free of charge to the following types of patients:-

  • • Over 40
  • • Undiagnosed heart condition
  • • Not diabetic or on cholesterol medication We can also provide this as a private service where we charge you for some of the tests we carry out. Talk to our pharmacist and team to see what’s best for you.
  • • Diabetic screening In addition we provide a private service where patients can get there blood pressure, cholesterol levels checked for a nominal fee. Also a diabetic screening service is also available where we can check your blood glucose in-store.