NHS & Private Flu Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

All of our branches provide a seasonal flu vaccination service free of charge to high risk groups such as asthmatics, diabetics (ask staff for details). If you are a patient who normally gets there flu vaccination on the NHS from the doctor then you can also access this from us free of charge.

  • • Pregnant
  • • Over 65’s
  • • Asthmatic
  • • Carer
  • • Health Condition
  • • Heart Disease
  • • Weakened Immune System

If you do not fall into any of the high risk categories but would still like to access this service than we are also able to do this for a nominal fee. (pricing will vary from season to season) No prior appointment is required and our vaccination will ensure you stay flu-free for the entire season thus reducing the need to take time of work.

The flu vaccination service is available from October onwards so booking early ensures that you will get your vaccination on time & before the flu season starts.