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Get started with 8 easy steps

    • 1. Search for “My Local Pharmacy” App on iTunes or Google Play and download the App onto a smart device; Phone or Tablet.

    • 2. Type in your Pharmacy ID, this can be found on the back cover. Select your chosen pharmacy from the Pearl Chemist Group.

    • 3. Create a 4 digit pin number, repeat and confirm. Now tap onto ”Continue”.

    • 4. Complete your details, select your doctor’s surgery and select how you wish to verify the new account; Email or SMS, tap onto “Submit”, top right.

    • 5. Validate the new account with a five digit verification code. Code will be sent either by Email or SMS.

    • 6. Unlock your App; Type in your 4 digit pin number as previously created (3).

    • 7. Your account requires approval from your chosen pharmacy, this may take up to 24 hours.

    • 8. To order repeat prescriptions, please click on the order repeat button on the home page. When a prescription has been saved in your account, it can be simply reordered by tap of a button

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Manage & order your medication via the free My Local Pharmacy App

Key features and benefits
My Local Pharmacy (MLP) is not just an application that allows you to securely repeat your medication directly from your Apple device but it also allows the patient to view the status of their repeat prescription through the journey. The app also allows the patient the ability to explore over the counter offers and pharmacy services that are tailored to their pharmacy of choice.

MLP also allows the user to see what other health services such as hospital, dentists and opticians are in the available within their location such.

The application revolves around the patient and draws in trusted medical information and support content from patient.co.uk with a large selection of patient friendly health articles from within the device.